Parkour South Africa Governance Structure:

PKSA aim to represent and govern the sport of parkour in South Africa. We aim to do this through a national and provincial structures.

The PKSA National Board is made up of elected officials from each of the 9 provinces of South Africa. The National Board is made up of 3 Executive Directors and 9 Provincial representatives elected to the Board during a National General Meeting or Annual General Meeting. Only full members can vote on a national level.

Each Provincial Board is elected as directors from their provincial constituency/members during their Provincial General Meetings or Annual General Meetings. Both full and Affiliate members can vote on the provincial level for their board members.


As a growing sport and discipline in the country Parkour South Africa is now registering members. Membership is subject to the PKSA Constitution Article 24 – 29 of the PKSA Articles of Association.

There are 2 classes of membership;

  1.  Class 1: Full membership*
    • Full membership is a paid membership and is divided up into 4 categories;
      1. Parkour Parks or Gyms
      2. Parkour Academy
      3. Teams
      4. Athlete
    • Full membership entitles the member to voting rites for the PKSA board and policy decisions at the Annual General Meeting and General Meetings for both provincial and national structure.
  2. Class 2: Affiliate Membership
    • Affiliate membership is free and has 2 categories
      1. Individual Practitioners
      2. Non-professional Teams/groups/crews
    • Affiliate membership entitles the member to voting rites on a provincial level but NOT on a national level

*Membership is subject to Article 29 of the PKSA Articles of Association. Membership is currently free for both Full and Affiliate membership until further notice by the PKSA Board.

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